Pole Prodigy Information and Registration


Upcoming Pole Workshops


You MUST take the a Beginner  POLE Workshop BEFORE you can take pole classes that teach spins, climbs and inversions.
You CAN take our Saturday and Sunday Pole-ography Dance classes without a beginner workshop!


Class Passes

  • Drop in $17

  • 5 Class $75

  • 10 Class Pass $125


  • Pole Membership $125/month - (SALE $89/month 3 classes/week = $7.41/class)

A fun, exciting and challenging workshop. Challenge your mind and body by joining the Pole Squad - a supportive community for healthy and wise body movement!

Members pay a monthly renewing fee for unlimited pole or yoga classes. If you have questions - please review the link below or contact Cindy. 

For more information on Memberships click here : )

Starting May 2017 - NonMembers that Purchase workshops at a Member Discount.- Your purchase will be refunded and the correct pricing will be assessed.

Studio Etiquette

  1. PreRegister

  2. UnRegister if you can't make it

    • No shows will forfiet a class pass.

    • Members will be charged a $5 no show fee.

  3. Arrive 10 min early

    • Helps check in run smoothly

    • Respects all others in the class by allowing it to start on time

    • Keeps you safe with proper warm up

***Arrows at the top of the panel allow you to move forward through the weeks***